Tips for Choosing New Colors for Your Home


Choosing a paint color for your home may seem like an easy task, but in reality, this can be challenging. As part of new home construction, you have the opportunity to select outdoor and indoor elements, including plants, trees, carpeting, tile, appliances, fixtures, and paint. With hundreds of possibilities and endless combinations, choosing the paint colors for both the interior and exterior can be overwhelming… 

Professional Service

Whether you are painting a home that you have owned for many years or when building a home, always hire a professional. For an existing home, you will need to interview several candidates, looking for someone with years of experience and lots of references.

For new home construction, the contractor often has someone or can recommend someone for painting. Regardless, you need to meet with that individual to discuss the best product and go over recommended colors that would look best for the size and style of the home. Keep in mind that homeowner’s associations sometimes place restrictions on exterior paint colors.


Aesthetically Pleasing Colors

As the homeowner, you want freedom in choosing the paint color. However, as a good neighbor, you need to consider how the color or colors will blend in with the area and nearby homes. The bottom line is that you can be both creative and considerate. Especially when working with a custom home builder, you will get a tremendous amount of guidance.

When painting a home on the inside, lighting is always an important factor. If you are not bothered by darker rooms, no problem. However, most people prefer rooms that are bright and inviting. A great solution when building a home involves choosing a paint color that is darker and richer for one accent wall. With that, you still have amazing color but also a bright room.


Helpful House Painting Tips

Some of the other things to think about when choosing paint color include:

  • Color Testing – Usually, dry painted walls look somewhat different from the sample. To ensure that you have the exact color you want, take multiple sample swatches home. Even better, you can purchase a one-ounce sample bottle of paint to apply to an inconspicuous area. This gives you a true understanding of what the painted wall will look like.
  • Quality Brand – A common misconception is that all brands of paint are the same. In reality, there are major differences. Whether painting a home that you already own or during new home construction, it is always worth spending a little more for high-quality paint. This will provide better coverage, the color will remain vibrant longer, and the paint will not peel or chip.
  • Beautiful Finishes – For both an existing home or when building a home, beautiful finishes are a great way to add depth and character to the interior. Whether subtle or dramatic, this makes it possible to create visual texture. An option for beautiful finishes when painting a home is to use coordinating color combinations. Even a painted ceiling in a softer hue than the primary wall color creates a warmer and richer space.