New Construction Walk-Through Guide

Architecture project

Once the construction of a new home is deemed complete the builder will schedule two separate walk-throughs of your home. The first is the construction walk-through and the second is the final walk-through. Both of these walk-throughs play a key role in ensuring that a quality product is delivered to the homeowner…. The purpose of these walk-throughs is to inspect the quality of the build as well as verifying that the selections and features the homeowner contracted for are in the home. Any missing features or quality issues will be marked at the house (usually with blue painters tape) and noted on a “punch out” list. This list is then shared with the subcontractors for completion.


The construction walk-through:

This is performed by the superintendent that oversaw the construction of the home. They will meticulously inspect the home inside and out from top to bottom, room by room. Any issues will be noted and assigned to the particular trade who did the work. Typically trades will have 48 hours to complete their punch out work. If a trade does not complete their work within the given timeline, then the builder will schedule an internal punch out person to complete the work. Having a construction walkthrough prior to the owner walkthrough should minimize the owners punch out list.


The final walkthrough:

Once the construction manager has verified that each of the trades has completed their punch out items from the construction walkthrough they will meet the homeowner at the house to perform the final walkthrough. The owner and the construction manager will inspect the outside of the home, lanai areas and each of the interior rooms. Any issues will be noted on a final punch out sheet and signed off by both parties. It is imperative to note any issues that you see at the time of this walkthrough. This will eliminate any misunderstandings with damages that may occur after the owner moves in. Once the owner signs off on that final walkthrough that means that they are accepting the house as it sits pending the completion of the noted items.


Here are some things an owner may want to bring to the final walk-through:
  • A flashlight (to see in dark places)
  • A camera (to note any punch-out items)
  • Binoculars (to inspect the roof)


The final walk-through is a great time to go over any question the owner may have about the house maintenance and use of any of its features. It is also a good time to ask the builder representative any questions you may have about the warranty claims process and how to make any claims, should they arise. Keep in mind that a new construction home will come with a year warranty, and any issues that may arise after you move in should be covered under your warranty.