Naples Florida

Overview of Naples, Florida

In 1911, Barron Collier visited the West Coast of Florida for the first time. He truly believed that the West Coast could share the same lifestyle and boom that the East Coast of Florida was experiencing. He knew in order to do so, first Naples must have railroads and roadways. He promised to help build what is known as the Tamiami Trail, the only road to connect Tampa, FL all the way to Miami, FL. After spending $1 million of his own money to build the road, Collier County was created by the state legislature in 1923.

Today, Naples enjoys unparalleled prosperity. It’s known today as a Winter Wonderland for many wealthy Northerner’s looking to escape the colder climates of up North. While here, they still enjoy the 7 miles of beaches, as well as, the famous 5th Avenue shops and dinning.

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